Planning for Canada

Planning for Canada provides services to economic and family class immigrants before coming to Canada. We help newcomers prepare for their move, settlement and employment in Canada!

Planning for Canada provides you with key information, so that you make informed decisions about your future life, before you arrive to Canada.Planning for Canada offers a three-step program: 1) a group orientation covering all aspects of living and working in Canada, 2) a personalized planning session focused on your settlement and employment needs, and 3) connections to Canadian organizations, providing additional customized guidance and support.

Our services are offered in person in India and Philippines or online world-wide, in English or French.

As Planning for Canada is funded by the Government of Canada, it is offered free of charge to eligible newcomers willing to commit their time.

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Step 1: The Group Orientation (GO)

The Group Orientation (GO) covers many topics including: housing, education, health, jobs, career, finances, government, culture, and life in Canada.

The in-person GO lasts 7 hours while the online version is delivered in two 3.5 hours sessions over two days. During the GO, you will learn more about:

  • Canada (geography, economic overview, government, culture);
  • living in Canada (housing, health, education, finances);
  • working in Canada (labour market, credential recognition and licensure, skills required, job search strategies, work culture);
  • becoming Canadian (rights and freedoms, residence, citizenship, cultural norms).

By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of Canada, enabling you to go deeper into your settlement and employment needs during your personalized planning session.

Step 2: Personalized planning session

Once you have taken part in the GO, you will have a one-hour personalized planning session with a Planning for Canada facilitator, who will help you build an action plan for your journey to Canada.

Your planning session will take 60-90 minutes. With the help of your facilitator, you will:

  • discuss your settlement and employment journey;
  • set short-term and long-term goals for your new life in Canada;
  • identify the most important actions you can take immediately before your departure;
  • define what further settlement and employment needs we can help you address.

By the end of this session, you will have a customized action plan and we will put you in touch with advisors in Canada. These advisors will go into more depth with you, to ensure that your settlement and employment needs are addressed.

Step 3: Connect with Canadian Organizations

Following your personalized planning session, you will immediately connect with advisors from 1-2 Canadian organizations that will provide you additional guidance and support, before you arrive in Canada.

Prior to your arrival in Canada, PFC’s advisors will:

  • respond to your settlement questions regarding housing, schooling, education, language training, finances and more;
  • further assess your job readiness and employment needs and recommend career pathways, including employer connections when relevant;
  • offer guidance for regulated occupations, including licensing process and referrals to regulatory bodies and/or exploring alternate careers options;
  • help you enroll in online bridging and mentoring programs, if recommended;
  • provide E-learning tools/modules to help you build or enhance your existing skills;
  • provide other referrals within your province and city of destination.

By the time you arrive in Canada, your settlement and employment questions will be addressed, and you will know the steps you need to take upon arrival. You will also have a better understanding of your career pathway, including next steps and who to reach out to for help.

Alumni Stories

Planning for Canada participants get in touch regularly to share their achievements and feedback. This is a short collection of their stories and comments.