Planning For Canada | My Action Plan (MAP)

My Action Plan (MAP)

What is the My-Action-Plan (MAP)?

After the GO, each client takes part in an individualized one-on-one My Action Plan (MAP) session. This session can be delivered online, in real time. The Map is a 60 – 90 minute planning session with a Planning for Canada facilitator. Together, you and the Planning for Canada facilitator develop an action plan customized to your career objectives, settlement goals, and intended destination in Canada.


  • Licensure
  • Credentials
  • Skills
  • Language
  • Job Search
  • Resume & Interviews
  • Canadian experience


  • Banking
  • Driving
  • Health Care
  • Housing
  • Childcare
  • Schooling
  • Self-employment


Each of the above sections is comprised of:

  1. Research areas
  2. Action items
  3. Links to resources and tools

Planning for Canada's facilitators work with you to customize the MAP to your specific employment and settlement goals.
How does the MAP prepare me for my new life in Canada?

This action plan can help guide you to success in Canada. The MAP enables you to:

  • Sort through an abundance of information specific to your intended destination in Canada
  • Prioritize tasks that need to be done before and after your arrival in Canada
  • Gain Canadian contacts to further support your integration process in Canada
Where can I attend the MAP?

MAP sessions are delivered face-to-face at Planning for Canada offices worldwide, as well as in real-time online

Am I eligible to attend the MAP?

Yes.  Facilitators will contact those who attended the GO and schedule them for the MAP session.

How much does it cost?

It is free of charge. The cost for attending a GO and MAP sessions simply requires an investment of your time. The Government of Canada covers cost for all eligible individuals who wish to access Planning for Canada services.