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Online Services

Online services

Not able to attend in-person? No problem! Our online team is ready to help you in real-time, no matter where you are in the world.

Participant feedback:

“My online session was the best online course I’ve ever taken. The facilitators were very clear, concise, and patient. My facilitator was very thorough during the MAP session when we discussed  my initial stages and long-term goals. She changed my perception on networking, prepared me for unseen challenges, and opened my eyes to different paths. I really appreciated her patience to discuss my careers goals and strategies to achieve them.”

How does it work?

The online Group Orientation (GO) is delivered using a virtual delivery platform. Planning for Canada facilitators deliver the curriculum in real-time to a virtual “room” of participants.

You will interact with one-another using a chat function that further enhances your learning and the networking potential of the session.

“You” can attend Planning for Canada sessions from anywhere in the world; wherever is convenient for you. The only requirement is a strong internet connection and an up-to-date computer.

After the GO, clients take part in a My Action Plan (MAP) session, which can also be delivered online in real-time.

When is our next session offered?

Register now and Planning for Canada will help you find a session at a time and date that fits your needs.

What happens if I cannot attend the full day online session?

No worries! Planning for Canada’s online services can be flexible. Once you’ve registered, contact us to discuss your options.