Planning For Canada | Belinda



Belinda and her husband received their orientation in the Philippines. They settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with their two children, and are now both employed in fields related to their professional experience in the Philippines.

“You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to live in Canada. You learn to be independent and do the things you think you can’t.

I recommend that everyone attend the Planning for Canada seminar before flying to Canada. It was full of information on what to expect in your new country: how to find a place to live, how and where to look for work, and how to start the process of credential assessments and licensure.  It really presented Canada to us in all respects: Canadian cities and provinces, systems of government, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the weather and seasons, and especially employment. We learned how to write a Canadian resume, what documents need to be submitted when applying for a job, and so much more.

Fast forwarding to our life in Canada, my husband works in the customer service industry, while I work in finance. These are very decent jobs that are related to our professions back in the Philippines, enabling us to build a good credit rating. Banks and other lending institutions approved us for a car loan, and even for a house!

Life in Winnipeg is fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. We’ve become stronger, happier, successful and most of all, proud to say that we’ve survived winter!”